A pixel-perfect (vector-perfect doesn’t sound as cool) person who takes great pride in creating visually stunning designs. Luiza Vukaj is an Albanian-American female with a Bachelors degree in Computer Science; and a minor in Studio Art. Through collegiate and personal exposure to the expansive history, techniques, and various disciplines of visual art, Luiza continues to reach and build across her chosen passion : design. Luiza continued to fulfill and build her purpose while working as an intern and then as a developer for the booming e-commerce company, Jet.com. Now armed with her previous background in studio art, programming, and mastering other aspects of tech, Luiza is ready to dive into the field she’s always dreamed of.

After starting this new chapter of her life, Luiza joined her sister as a part-time photography for Lu & Crew Photography while simultaneously trying to make a name for herself as an illustrator and aspiring graphic designer.

CV is available upon request / More day to day work can be found at Luiza’s instagram


All material on this site was created by Luiza Vukaj